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Finished demoing what I think is one of my best songs so far tonight. It’s been in my head for a year now and I finally just put it all together over the past four days. Feeling great. I apologize for letting so much time slip by with this project, but the new abrasions album is coming along slowly but surely. Going to have a lot of tracks, a lot of heavy noise and a lot of percussion. Now I’m just stuck listening to it on repeat for an hour like a jerk.

[updated 07.10.13]


Covers Part Deux, and Movement

Two more covers have recently made their way onto Soundcloud:

The first one is a collaboration on The Cure's "All Cats Are Gray" with Jay M. Blanch (of Limnus) and myself; both of us are singing in this one. Faith continues to be one of my favorite albums ever, with a lasting influence on everything I do, so it was inevitable we'd do another cover from it.

The second is a very flippant noise cover of Failure's "Pillowhead" that I did in one night. Be sure to listen to this with the volume all the way up. This sound is a bit closer to the direction of the album I'm working on than anything else released so far, so brace yourselves.



False Voyage II

Once again...

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Festering Denial

Orphaned, moody instrumental from last summer. Not really representative of the new direction the album's taking, but I thought I'd share it nonetheless. Available as a free download on Soundcloud.

[updated 12.08.12]


New Material

Howdy strangers. Whilst not near completion yet, the new Abrasions record is indeed coming along. I've been songwriting again, experimenting with a lot of noise; so far there's about a dozen recordings demoed and a dozen more ideas for other tracks in the works.

Life, work, and depression had really grinded my solo writings to a halt for awhile there, but I think the ball is rolling once again and I'm excited at the new direction this is going. Threading together all the little things. A few obvious b-side tracks might make it onto Soundcloud and related sites in the near future.

In the meantime, Limnus's album The Forbidden has been out for a few months, released on Nothing But a Nightmare Records. Check it out! We've got a show coming up December 1st at the Oakland Metro, where you might get a taste of some of the new kinds of equipment, sounds and textures being utilized in the Abrasions recordings.

Also, Abrasions shirts and CDs are now availble direct from the Musik section of this site. I realized the old physical store was a bit broken, so it's all streamlined through bandcamp page now. :)

[updated 11.19.12]


Limnus | Bloodchains

See my best friends and I perform in the new Limnus video. Recorded by Nazarene Media, edited by me. Their new album is coming out this summer!

[updated 11.11.11]



"Any fool can get old, but it takes a genius to not waste time."
- The Doe Boy

It's my birthday today, and for me this year feels endlessly better than the one preceding it. Between writing & demoing the new Abrasions album, getting a taste of the live experience doing shows for Limnus, going go college, and doing some photography work for my friend's company on the side, I've been enjoying the luxury of work. The world it seems is in an increasingly alarming state of economic, emotional recession and depression, warped even further by life's many natural complications, but I have no intention of giving up the fight, especially now. It's time to move forward, and leave the past behind.

The first album, Memorial, is now available as a free download in the Musik section of this site until further notice, though CDs and stuff are still available too. Tell your friends, if you have any.

I've got another show playing keys with Limnus tomorrow, at the Gilman in Berkeley.

Their new album, a truly gargantuan masterpiece called The Forbidden, is coming out soon; so many more tour dates will follow. Abrasions live won't happen for awhile, so if you'd like to see me perform you should come out to one of their shows this fall!

Check out the Abrasions tumblr page and Limnus's various online accounts for more information regarding that band and other things I'm doing. It's going to be quiet around here for awhile, but new stuff is in the works. See you around.

- J


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